Shall we go to the theatre?

We participate in the cultural events of the country by providing an amazing performance of Soulmates. You will watch them at Booze Upstairs (Kolokotroni 57, Athens, Metro Station Monastiraki, tel: 211-4053-733 email:

Based on the TV series "Friends"

Directed by Mira Stylianou

Premiere: Tuesday 9 October 2018

Our Friends are our most personal choice of people we claim to keep with us, without any imposition. They are the closest to us, we live with them, share our secrets, our joys and our concerns. We crash, we fall and we get up. We crash but we find them again ...And the cycle of life goes on...

Six friends, at the critical age of 30+, share their everyday life, making decisions that will change the course of their lives ... on a sofa! Where we come closer ... Where we share most of our moments. Moments that will join us forever with our "Soulmates".

Booze Upstairs turns every Tuesday and Wednesday into a welcoming home, ready to welcome the distinguished guests of "Soulmates" on their comfortable sofas.

Live Acts
Wednesday 10 October 2018 Maro Markellou
Wednesday, October 17, 2018, Magda Varouha
Wednesday 24 October 2018 Ian Stratis
Wednesday 31 October 2018 Apostolos Rizos

Every Tuesday, Stavros van der Wilt

The identity of the show
Directed by: Myra Stylianou
Dramaturgic text editing: Dimitra Staikou
Sculpture editing: Stavros Litinas
Music: Stavros van der Wilt, Nikolas Karaastasis
Photo Direction: Evgenios Dionysopoulos
Make up artist George Kikiras
Production Assistant: Dimitris Konstandaras
Production: Open Air Theater

They play:
Danae Aliesandratou
Andreas Apostolou
Stelios Vassila
Georgia Kaouki
George Boubouas
Angeliki Panteleakou
Barbara Rambouni
Thomais Triandafyllidou
Sofiana - Anthippi Fotis

Duration: 150 minutes (along with the musical program)

Days and hours of performances
Tuesday at 21.15
Wednesday at 21.15

Ticket prices
General Entrance: 13 euros (with 1 glass of wine)
Fees: 5 euros (only on Tuesdays)
Pre-sale: 10 euro (