Great Taste Awarded!

A great international success for Kolionasios Baklava Gold! One star for “Baklava Gold Pistachio & Honey” and one star for “Mediterranean Light Almond, Walnut & Kataif” by Great Taste awards 2018!

“Golden rolls of pastry, the filling is dense with nuts, the flavour of nuts comes through, clean-tasting and very pleasing! Delicious looking, a great crisp texture, the flavours are clean and fresh and thoroughly enjoyable!” is the review of the Great Taste awards judges for “Mediterranean Light Almond, Walnut & Kataif Baklava”. The collection Mediterranean Light consists of 8 different, fruity, unique flavours.

“Lovely looking pieces of Baklava! The pasrty was light and crispy, we liked the chunky whole pistachios and the level of roasting on the nuts. A nice, light baklava!” are the comments of the judges on “Baklava Gold Pistachio & Honey”, one of the 6 tasteful recipes made with premium milk butter, that create the Baklava Gold collection.