Food services

Baklava for Ho.Re.Ca.

The food service industry asks for high quality, freshly baked pastry, and for prices that should never exceed the in-house production costs. We do just that. We produce on demand, order by order, to deliver our baklava products fresh and full in flavour, safe in their CPET trays. There is no need for freezing or refrigeration and therefore the logistic costs are low. 

Hotels, restaurants, business class lounges, cruising ships, coffee and pastry shops, bakeries, catering firms, convenient stores, are all clients we proudly cater for. They feel safe with us because their customers appreciate our products. And for good reason. 

We have been running our own pastry shops in Ioannina and Athens for years, and that greatly helps in understanding customers better. We also listen carefully to our clients’ feedback and develop products to suit their needs. Over 50 different combinations of cuts such as lozenge shaped baklava, kadayef, or gianniotiko, and flavours based on walnut, almond, pistachio, hazelnut, chocolate, prune, apricot, coconut, caramel, strawberry and other delicious ingredients.