Mediterranean Light

In the Mediterranean world to eat well means mixing of tastes, small dishes, lots of fruits and vegetables, top quality natural ingredients. The fun here is in the variety and our baklava is no different.

Almond, walnut & kataif baklava

Apple & almond baklava

Chocolate, orange, hazelnut & almοnd baklava

Cranberry, chocolate & almond baklava

Marmalade strawberry, chocolate & almond baklava

Olive & almond baklava

Pistachio & almond baklava

Walnut & almond baklava

Mediterranean Light Box

We use for our product unique and stylish boxes, containing five or ten baklava items, individually wrapped so you can enjoy one and leave the rest wrapped up and ready to go for later. If you want detailed information about the packaging of our products (net weight, dimensions and total weight) please download the files below, or contact us anytime at or alternatively you can reach us at our number +30 26510 96300 during working days and hours.